How to make a Career in Networking - Network Security

How to make a Career in Networking - Network Security

Whole world is going forward through internet, but besides that there increasing the information hackers also. So there is having a demand for Information Security people.

From small persons to big companies are doing their transactions through the internet. Taking this as the advantage some of the people are trying to hack the data that was present in the internet. For this reason we can know that how important is network security is.

Securing the information present in the network from the hackers is the duty of the information security professionals. Many of the organizations are implementing the different departments for this network security.


According to NASSCOM world widely many of the companies are investing lacs of crores in this Network Security. At present there required around 60K people for information security professionals. Coming future years this requirement number may be increase a huge.

Network Security is the place where many of the people should take part together. In this many of the professionals are required.

Network Programmer: The programmer analyses the organizations activities and develops the software programs for the network security. For this reason one should have knowledge in programming.

Network Analyst: These frequently analyses the organizations activities. Checks every data packet that was coming and going from their network for any errors/faults.

Network Strategy: These are the key people in the network security. These develops the duty factors that were responsible for the network security. They develop the systems, networking, programs for the security measurements.

Data Recovery Specialist: At any time if there occurred any failure to the network, these specialist play a key role in order to recover the lost data, they take the backup of every data frequently.


Completed Engineering in Electronics or Computers is the eligibility. People done MCA, MSc with courses like CCNA in networking, Redhat certified engineering courses in security having a good opportunities. Should also have a command over C, C++, and Visual Basic. Candidates should be ready to develop the anti program code by identifying the hackers programs. Mostly should have a good command over the data recovery. Should also have knowledge in firewall tools, different security tools, etc.

To bring the bright career in this field, one has to not only have technical skills also they should ready to identify firstly the hackers thinking. Should try to develop the anti program codes when taught that their network will be going to hacked, should try to analyze the all ways of hacking, and try to develop the programs to secure the network.