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Career in Animation and Gaming requires a strong artistic skills and familiarity with the latest computer technologies. This career path requires some aspects like creativity, technical skills like geometrical aspects, light, gravity, 3d designing, Maya, and coming to programming it requires C, C++, Perl languages. There is no particular qualification to make the animation or gaming as bright Career, a higher qualification will be the added advantage for better growth in organization. So, do you think that this industry is the right career to choose?...

In todays market strategies the animation technology is being used many industries or projects like websites, advertisements(online), video gaming, etc.

Animation in Websites, Internet: Now a days most people or companies are looking forward to the flash animated websites which gives the corporate look to attract the people. One who have the great creativity to turn the thoughts into compelling images and using those images to effectively communicate and choose this animation field in web designing. The most software tools that one should have an idea are Flash, Corel draw, Photoshop. I think all the Adobe tools will be an added advantage.

Movie Production: Now, all the movies that are coming will be of atleast having some graphics or animation involved. Some are of completed Animated films like latest film Wall E, Finding Nemo, etc. For this movie production animated related one should have a knowledge regarding 3D animation, modeling, rugging, texturing, etc.

In case of Television Production, day by day a new channels like music/news/other channels are arriving. In this Competitive Television Production animation like some coming up program or Cartoon Interviewing with Celebrity are being made for better ratings or good view.

Gaming: Everyone who are bored with their daily routine work thinks to relax for sometime, the first one that comes in every mind is the gaming, which will be of mind games, action games, sports games, etc. In this Gaming world a lots of people combined together can bring up the final output, like designing the game, giving lives to the characters, making the object to be of 2D or 3D, moving of objects, game testers.

So, if you think that you too have the such creativity to start a career in animation or gaming, go ahead future is yours.

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