E-Learning made easy

Are you preparing for IIT/JEE, IIT, want to study higher studies while doing job, Want to achieve the success in entrance exams. When all these questions arise the choices that come to mind in everybody are going to colleges, coaching centers and others. But besides these the good options is the e-learning.

What is e-learning actually?

At present many universities, corporate companies are showing interest in this e-learning procedure. The computer terms used for e-learning are Computer Based Learning(CBL), Web Based Training(WBT), Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning(CSCL).

For Example, are you preparing for IIT exams, then the best portal for IITians is the askiitians.com, which offers the good resources for helping the students for preparing the IIT exams. The online training is based upon the available packages. For more details regarding this portal, move to askiitans.

Some other elearning website like,


Some other websites regarding the Counseling on career related information for higher studies,

mathguru.com ---(for the CBSE/Tenth Standard students guidance for mathematics subject)

and many moreā€¦.

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