Not satisfied with present career - Planning in career change

According to the recent survey 87% of people are changing the jobs (career) due to some reasons. As a job there will be much unhappiness its natural, at any position(role) in job there will be problems, we have to face them. Don’t take the work as a heavy burden, do that work happily working together with others. If you want c ange to other company there may also u face the same problems which u faced in original company. If at all the personal things are causing irritation towards the job, then changing to other company does not solve the problem. If you find the reason why you loose concentration over the work then almost half of the problem that you are facing will be solved.

Many people wants a change in career with what they are doing for money sake or job satisfaction or for necessary or some other reason: before he/she wants to change to other career opportunity once question about yourself regarding the career change:

So once think carefully and change to other career options in a planned manner only to reach your desired goal rather than making the money.

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