Top 20 B Schools in world

Recently Financial Times belonging to london made a survey regarding the top BSchools in World. These are the top B Schools according to Financial Times :

  1. London Business School, UK.
  2. University of Pennsylvania, Warton, America.
  3. Harward Business School, America.
  4. Stanford University, America.
  5. Insead, France/Singapore.
  6. Columbia Business School, America.
  7. I.E. Business School, Spain.
  8. MIT School of Management, America.
  9. University of Chicago, America.
  10. Hongkong U.S.T Business School, China.
  11. I.E.S.E Business School, Spain.
  12. Indian School of Business, India.
  13. Newyork University, America.
  14. Dartmouth College, America.
  15. I.M.D, Switzerland.
  16. Yale School of Management, America.
  17. University of Oxford, UK.
  18. H.E.C., France.
  19. Esade Business School, Spain.
  20. Duke University. America.

Here are the list of individual business schools website address
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