Internships at Microsoft Careers

As an intern at Microsoft, you’ll have real responsibility, real work, and real opportunities to jumpstart your career. (You’ll get paid, too!) It’s an experience you’ll never find in a classroom. You’ll be given manageable assignments that you can complete while you’re here, and your efforts will likely take shape in Microsoft products, or be used by Microsoft teams, long after you return to school. You could help create a Web application, a marketing plan, a prototype, a user guide,the possibilities are endless. And just imagine millions of customers, not to mention your classmates, seeing your work! Some interns even parlay their experience into a job offer.

 An internship with benefits?

Of course, all internships come with competitive pay, but we’re not allowed to give out the numbers on our Web site. Plus, here’s some other extras our interns receive:

    * Paid travel to Microsoft
    * Subsidized car rental or bike purchase plan
    * Health club membership (dues paid by Microsoft, but taxed as income for you)
    * Shipping reimbursement
    * Free bus pass
    * Parties and special events
    * Free training
    * Software discounts

Source: Microsoft Careers

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