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 Are you recently finished your graduation or post graduation and in search of jobs as a entry level into MNC companies or other small industries.  The main test one has to take when they are first applying to any company/industry as a entry level is the aptitude test, and others like english, reasoning, quantitative, programming... These all tests are asked to take to test the candidates behavior, thinking, logic, fundamental grips and more.

In some rounds of interview some companies gives puzzle to solve, to know how the candidate decision making, thinking, how easy solves, etc.

So be prepare for all these when you are taking for the test at various MNC Companies / Industries.

There are many website which offer self assesment programs online where you can take the aptitude tests, quantitative tests, programming tests, english tests, reasoning tests, solve puzzles to know where you are and where you have to improve your skills.

www. is one those website where it offers many online tests to take and know his/her skills...
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