Want to Start a Career as a Pilot, Win 100% Full Scholarship

Want to Start a Career as a Pilot, Win 100% Full Scholarship

Delta Flight School.

The Indian aviation industry has lead the global industrial growth in recent years, leading to a significant increase in the number of pilots being employed. Despite this, there is still a huge lack of awareness among students on the scope of career opportunities as a Pilot. It is important this awareness is brought among students ready to make one of the most important decisions of their life. Their career!

 Delta Flight school is a premier flight training organization in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, offering FAA Pilot license certifications.

Who will be Participating

The examination has two streams. Stream A and Stream B.
Stream A : For 12th standard student, graduating this summer of 2010.
Stream B : For all other students.

Students interested in a career in Aviation, across the nation are being invited to participate in this scholarship competition.

How Does This Event Work:
Participating students will be sent a series of information emails on the following:

    * Career opportunities as a pilot
    * Requirements and training involved in becoming a pilot
    * Competition details

This will be followed by a written aptitude test in seven major cities across the country following the end of the 12th standard exams. The top 200 participants of this exam will be invited for an interview and pilot aptitude test on our flight simulator at Delta Flight School, Chennai. The top 120 students from this selection process will be offered appropriate scholarship awards in a dedicated award ceremony to be held at Chennai.

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