Google Jobs at Google Hyderabad India

Google Jobs at Google Hyderabad India

The role: Software Engineer - New Grad

Google Hyderabad R&D center develops applications and cloud infrastructure for Google customers. Handling information in the cloud at the scale of the web requires our engineers to work on information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, user interface design etc. This requires our engineers to constantly innovate on everything from massively scaling systems to solving search quality, securing enterprise data and providing a great user experience.

Engineering focus is in the following areas: Cloud Services/Infrastructure: Google Apps like Gmail/calendar/office productivity apps are being adopted massively across businesses and users for personal use. We are solving challenging problems of on-boarding massive amounts of user data/context to the cloud, APIs for deploying/managing cloud services/data and analytics/data mining. We are working on the next generation cloud platform architecture that provides interoperability, virtualization and systems management for software applications and services.

Enterprise Search: We are working on the Enterprise search appliance, the size of three pizza boxes called the Google Search Appliance (GSA), that is powerful enough to deliver the most relevant information consistently and efficiently, whenever and wherever it's needed with minimal administrative overhead and intelligible user interface.

Responsibilities as Software Engineer at Google Hyderbad:

    * Specific responsibilities vary by project area.

Requirements for Google Hyderabad Software Jobs:

    * BE/BTech/Mtech/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent.
    * Exposure to multi-tiered, high-volume, production application development
    * Strong foundation in Java, C/C++, or object-oriented programming language.
    * Experience in SQL, Unix/Linux, and scripting a plus.
    * Experience developing Billing, Human Resources, CRM, Datawarehousing, or ETL applications a plus.
    * Experience with agile development a plus.

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