Thantramsha - Best Software Engineer Competition

Thantramsha - Best Software Engineer Competition

Are you a passionate in playing with software languages like 'C' then there is chance to win a Competion which will be conducted at Thantramsha @ Abhiyanthri

Date : September 17  Time : 10am - 5pm  Total Prize Money : Rs. 15,500/-

Abhiyanthriki would be an ideal platform for engineering students from all over the country to interact as well as put their skills to test. Consistent with our idea of holistic excellence an exciting array of events have been lined up each covering diverse domains. From technical events like robomaze, best hardware and software engineer, linux kernel debugging to non-technical events like best manager quiz and gaming the assortment is well laid out.

Competition Structure for Best Software Engineer at Thanthramasha

THANTHRAMASHA is a triathlon like event that will examine your mettle in all aspects of software design.
Preliminary round

A preliminary elimination round will be held to narrow the field to a specific number of teams. This round will be a general test of programming aptitude and competency, logic, syntax and proficiency in the intricacies of C.

Round 1- C Debugging

Teams progressing from the Qualification round will spend Round 1 hunting for errors in our code. Predator programmers will have to pounce on bugs that are uncovered in this Debugging event. Points acquired are carried over to the next round.

Round 2 – C Coding

Teams will try to program solutions for 3 problems of varying difficulty and varying rewards. Accumulated points from both rounds are used to decide which teams progress to the final round.
Final Round

The best teams of THANTHRAMASHA have the best saved for the end. These top teams face off in a mystery final round, details of which will only be revealed on the spot. Super software specialists can expect success.
Total points from the last 2 rounds will determine the winner. In the case of a tie, points from earlier rounds will be used.

Rules and Eligibilty for Thantramsha
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